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Know-how, Solutions and Services, all of which allow Socli to provide an international response

Thanks to its expertise in the production of high technology products and detailed knowledge in production processes, Socli can be very proactive in answering customers' needs and provide appropriate solutions.

The company has the ability to respond to precise requests, produce unique or small-scale products, interpret the request and show creativity and innovation.

Lime, cement and mortar products, and tailor-made packaging

Socli's range of products can meet the needs of any construction, restoration or decoration projects using lime, anywhere in the world:

  • NHL (natural hydraulic lime)
  • HL (hydraulic lime)
  • calcic lime
  • extremely high-performance mortar
  • depolluting cement
  • coating, masonry or decorative mortars
  • road binders
  • decorative products (pigments, paints, glazes, etc.)

In terms of packaging, Socli can offer products in bags of 25, 30 or 35 kg, while it can also provide small "à la carte" containers or products in big bags or bulk.

  • 150 years of know-how
  • subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement group
  • leading producer of natural hydraulic lime
  • wide range of products
  • "à la carte" customised service
  • logistical efficiency
  • expertise in the composition of lime, concretes and mortars
  • renowned among skilled craftsmen and building companies, specialising in architectural heritage
  • support for Civil Engineering companies, with adapted solutions